Bible Question: July 15, 2018

Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Mark 6:7-13
Jesus sent out His Apostles and gave them specific instructions.  Why do you think Jesus had them take certain items and not others? What does this tell you about how Jesus equips each of us for the mission or task He has for us?      What was the main theme of the homily shared at Mass this weekend?

Gospel                                         Mark 6:7-13

Jesus summoned the Twelve and began to send them out two by two
and gave them authority over unclean spirits. 
He instructed them to take nothing for the journey
but a walking stick—
no food, no sack, no money in their belts. 
They were, however, to wear sandals
but not a second tunic. 
He said to them,
“Wherever you enter a house, stay there until you leave. 
Whatever place does not welcome you or listen to you,
leave there and shake the dust off your feet
in testimony against them.” 
So they went off and preached repentance. 
The Twelve drove out many demons,
and they anointed with oil many who were sick and cured them.