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Spirituality, academics and service are the main components at the foundation of Saint Andrew School. Religion is integrated throughout the curriculum. Achievement of rigorous academic standards enables graduating students to qualify for admissions to and scholarships from the area’s most prestigious high schools. The 2016 - 2017 graduating class earned $1,287,800 in academic scholarships. All stakeholders participate in community outreach.

Financial literacy is incorporated through Junior Achievement, a Stock Market Club and an official branch of the First National Bank of Newtown, staffed by student tellers. Cutting edge technology enhances learning through a closed-circuit television studio, computer lab, laptop,  iPads & Chromebooks.  

Interactive technology can be found in every classroom in the form of SmartBoards, Epson Bright Links and MondoBoards.  Google Classroom is used throughout the school in grades K- 8.  

The Google Chromebook Program begins in 5th grade and continues through 8th grade.  In this program, each student is given a Chromebook to use while in the classroom.

Each student is encouraged to reach for and meet his or her full potential. Differentiated instruction is utilized extensively and has a profound effect on student achievement. The intellectual development of each student promotes the highest level of problem-solving and critical thinking.

Several co-curricular and numerous extra-curricular activities provide an opportunity for students to enjoy time for social and emotional development outside the classroom. Athletics, Forensics, Scrabble, newspaper, Science Explorers, musical theater and book clubs are just some of the programs offered.

Saint Andrew School is a family. The principal’s enthusiasm for learning is contagious and exemplifies the efforts of the staff and community to work for the betterment of each child’s education. A recipient of the Distinguished Principal of the Year for the NCEA and the NAESP, these awards typify her dedication and determination to strive for excellence both in and out of the classroom.

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