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Magazine Drive

Shop Online and Support the Saint Andrew School in Newtown Bucks County

Saint Andrew School has teamed up with Great American Opportunities for the Annual Magazine Drive. The  Annual Magazine drive is our biggest fundraiser of the year that supports many of our student clubs and organizations.

The Annual Magazine Drive will begin September 20, 2018 and run through September 28, 2018.   Students will win prizes for all subscriptions and renewals taking place during that time.

So what are the prizes?  Thought you would never ask.

Magazine Drive Prizes 2018

Prizes are cumulative/ One Code Number = One Order

When ordering online, please remember, magazine orders only count toward prizes.

  • 2 Orders - A COOP key chain for your collection - Receive an additional COOP for every 2 orders you turn in - Collect them.. Trade them!
  • 3 Orders - Gym uniform Dress Down Pass, you pick the day! AND one Written Homework Pass!
  • 6 Orders - Grades K-4: Plush animal; Grades 5-8: Neon, 10 ft. phone charging cord!
  • 10 Orders - $5 Chic-Fil-A Gift Card
  • 12 Orders - SKY ZONE TRIP! Bring a brown bag lunch to school on Friday, November 2 and board the bus to SKY ZONE where we will play, bounce, eat lunch and get back to school before the end of the day!
  • 15 Orders - Cash Box; Reach in, pick a bill and keep what you pull! Cash prizes from $5 to $50!
  • 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Challenge - If 60% of your grade participates, enjoy a week of regular dress down in December!

Magazine Drive Important Dates

  • September 19: Magazine Drive Assembly
  • September 21: Magazine Paper Form Collection Day
  • September 24:Magazine Paper Form Collection Day
  • September 24:Magazine Paper Form Collection Day
  • September 26:Magazine Paper Form Collection Day
  • September  28: Magazine Paper Form Collection Day and Last Day to Turn in Orders
  • November 2: Trip to SKY ZONE for students who sell more than 12 magazine subscriptions
  • Date TBD: Pig Races at Saint Andrew School Gymnasium

To Place an Order or Renew a subscription:

  1. Go to www.gaschoolstore.com and click "Shop Now"
  2. Under "Choose Who you want to Support", Enter the Saint Andrew School code "1989664"
    1. You can also Search "St. Andrew School"
  3. Enter the Name of the Student you want to Support and click "Next"
  4. Choose a Magazine Subscription, eBook,  Gift Cards, Jewelry,  kitchen accessories, Baby Shower Gifts and tons more. Only magazine subscriptions and donation subscriptions will count toward prizes.
  5. Check out

Pig Races

70% homeroom participation qualifies your homeroom for a Mr. Bacon Pig. Your homeroom will dress and race your pig at our annual Pig Race, Date TBD. The best dressed pig earns a pizza or water ice party for the homeroom! The fastest pig also earns a party!* Top selling homeroom wins the Mascot!
*Please note: Standard, unmodified pigs will be eligible to win prizes.

Important Notes

  • You can Donate a magazine subscription to your choice of the USO, Save the Children, The Humane Society or World Vision! Receive credit for “one order” for each $25 donation made to one of these charities. See page 10 of the Great American magazine catalog for more details.
  • Renew household magazine subscriptions or select new ones. Ask family members, co-workers and family professional offices (doctor, dentist, hair salon) to do the same!
  • Make Checks payable to: Saint Andrew Home and School (But really it is so easy to order online, who needs a check?)
  • Don’t forget to visit www.tuitionrewards.com/gao for details on earning college tuition through this program.

If you have any questions, please contact: Eileen Capecci

Just a note, Orders outside of the above time frame will not be applied towards prizes, but the fundraising will still be applied to Saint Andrew School.  Every bit helps.