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Student Forms 2

Fill out your Student Forms for the academic year.   Each student at Saint Andrew Form will need a form. For example, if you have three students, you will submit the form 3 times.


  1. We are using Google Forms
  2. Click on the link for each form
  3. Fill in the form electronically for each student
  4. Click Submit
  5. View links to Edit or Submit Another Response for another student.
  6. Continue to fill in forms for each of your students.
  7. Any questions contact Denise Cronk  dcronk@standrewcec.com

Note, we realize you do not have your official class Number/Letter combination.  Please use grade number.


  • Emergency Form: Teacher use during an unscheduled early dismissal.
  • Nurse Student Emergency Form:   Nurse to administer Acetaminophen.
  • Parent_Student Agreement:   Parents and student to acknowledge they have reviewed the handbook.  This includes the Admission and Student Internet access policy.

All forms are due the first week by September 8, 2017.