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Cyber Day 101

Cyber Day 101

What is a “Cyber Day”?
– For St. Andrew School, a Cyber Day is a day when school is cancelled due to weather related reasons. Students are allowed and expected to complete school work from home.

How much work will be sent home?
– 1-2 hours of work will be sent home. Teachers will review assigned work but not all work will be graded.

How will work be assessed/graded?
– In grades 1-8, a portion of the Math and ELA work will be graded upon return to school. This grade is used to confirm attendance for the school day. If the work is turned in late, attendance will not be affected, but the grade will be impacted.

What are the advantages of a “Cyber Day”?
– Students will have some assignments to complete. The goal is to review/practice previous learning or preview upcoming work.
– Work could consist of: reading, worksheets, workbook pages, physical activity, online activities such as IXL, Spelling City, etc.
– The students have something school related to work on that will support learning and occupy some time at home.
– This could be completed during the day or during the evening (family choice).
– The day lost of school due to the weather does not have to be made up in the manner of extra days at the end of the year or with built in snow days.

What are the disadvantages of a “Cyber Day”?
– The students need to complete some work at home and/or to study.
– The teacher is not immediately available. This will be considered in assessing student work
– What if technology does not work?
– Please notify the teacher via email when you are able to, and an extension will be granted if there is no paper option.

How do students and parents know what to work on?
– Work has been sent home via work packets, posted on FACTS/Renweb, or in Google Classroom.
– Your child’s teachers should have communicated with you at this point where to find the work to complete on our next snow/cyber day.

Cyber days are new to Pennsylvania, our administration, teachers, parents, and students, and we will do our best to work together to grow and learn how to make the cyber days a positive experience. If you have any concerns or feedback before or after our first Cyber Day, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.